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"Ellen's Ardent Admirer" to Susan Warner, New York, September 27, 1851, February 28, 1852

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In this lengthy two-part letter "Ellen's Ardent Admirer" gives his opinion on most of the principle characters. In his second letter he remarks on the American character Warner displays naturally through her characters.

Preface to Volume 1 of the 1852 Sampson Low Reprint

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This is the preface to volume 1 of the 1852 Sampson Low Reprint. This preface was written by the editor, "a Clergyman of the Church of England."

Subjects: Preface

Identifier: 56CIA_21_iii

Page iv of the Preface to Volume 1 of the 1852 Sampson Low Reprint

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This is page iv of the preface to volume 1 of the 1852 Sampson Low Reprint.

Subjects: Preface

Identifier: 56CIA_21_iv

Page v of the Preface to Volume 1 of the 1852 Sampson Low Reprint


This is page v of the preface to volume 1 of the 1852 Sampson Low Reprint. It ends with a note stating the American equivalent of English money for American readers. It is from London, dated December 1851.

Subjects: Preface

Identifier: 56CIA_21_v

Mary Barnes to Susan Warner, Collycroft Clifton Ashbourne, Derbyshire, n.d.


This fan letter written to Warner from Mary Barnes, a woman from Derbyshire. Barnes critiqued the women in her country for their inadequacies compared to the idealized characters Warner developed.

Copyright Page of the 1853 G. P. Putnam, Vol. 1, Issue 2


George Palmer Putnam used this as the copyright page of the 1853 second issue containing both volumes in one book. This page shows that this book was "entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1853, BY G. P. PUTNAM & Co., In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York." It also credits the stereotyper and printer of the book.

Identifier: 11CIA_13_4

Title Page to the [1899] George Routledge and Sons, Ltd. Reprint


In the title page of George Routledge and Sons, Limited's 1899 edition of the novel, the title is printed in the top quarter of the page without a period. The author's pseudonym Elizabeth Wetherell is printed below. An inscription taken from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's, "To a Child," appears in the page's middle. The novel is listed as an edition including six colored plates. George Routledge and Sons Limited's address is listed as, "London, Broadway, Ludgate Hill," and "Manchester and New York."

Subjects: Title Page

Identifier: 3DES_18

First Page of Text in the [1899] George Routledge & Sons Edition


Subjects: Decoration

Identifier: 3DES_16

Blake, Ella K. to Miss Susan and Miss Anna Warner, Viroqua, Wisconsin, February 9, 1879


In this letter Ella Blake, a woman from Wisconsin, wrote to Susan Warner and her sister Anna to inform them of the impression Ellen Montgomery made on her childhood. She tells them that she has read the novel so many times it was necessary to have it rebound.

First Page of Text in the 1853 H. G. Bohn Reprint, Version 1


This is the first page of text in the 1853 H.G. Bohn Reprint, Version 1. The Wide, Wide World is on the top third of the page, followed by a decorative rule and Chapter 1. A portion of Longfellow's "It Is Not Always May" is under Chapter 1, with the text following it.

Subjects: Text Opener

Identifier: 25CIA_27