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"Ellen's Ardent Admirer" to Susan Warner, New York, September 27, 1851, February 28, 1852

Ellen's Admirer 1 001.jpg

In this lengthy two-part letter "Ellen's Ardent Admirer" gives his opinion on most of the principle characters. In his second letter he remarks on the American character Warner displays naturally through her characters.

Mary Barnes to Susan Warner, Collycroft Clifton Ashbourne, Derbyshire, n.d.


This fan letter written to Warner from Mary Barnes, a woman from Derbyshire. Barnes critiqued the women in her country for their inadequacies compared to the idealized characters Warner developed.

Blake, Ella K. to Miss Susan and Miss Anna Warner, Viroqua, Wisconsin, February 9, 1879


In this letter Ella Blake, a woman from Wisconsin, wrote to Susan Warner and her sister Anna to inform them of the impression Ellen Montgomery made on her childhood. She tells them that she has read the novel so many times it was necessary to have it rebound.

Burdick, Jonathan H. to Misses Warner, Albany, NY, May 2, 1861


In Jonathan Burdick's letter he asks for an autograph from the "Misses Warner." He also compliments them on their work, telling them that it is not only the best of the present day but also equal to the classics.