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Illustration on Page 424a of the 1853 G. Routledge & Co. Reprint, Depicting Ellen and John on the Cat's Back


This black and white illustration, appearing on page 424a of the 1853 G. Routledge & Co. reprint, depicts John and Ellen on the Cat's Back after Alice's death. A caption below the illustration reads "John finds Ellen on the Mountain," a reference to the scene appearing on page 424. In the illustration, John stoops down and wraps one arm around Ellen as she stands with her arms around his neck facing away from the viewer. They are surrounded by rocks and tall foliage, which frame their position on the mountain. Ellen's white dress stands out against John's black attire and the dark grey foliage behind them. The name of the illustrator, Dalziel, is inscribed in the lower-right corner of the illustration.

Subjects: The Cat’s Back, Ellen, John

Identifier: 47CIA_33_424a