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Title Page to Volume 2 of the 1852 George P. Putnam 16th Edition, Version 1


In the title page for George P. Putnam's 1852 edition of the novel, the title is printed in the top quarter of the page followed by a period. The author's pseudonym Elizabeth Wetherell is printed in the page's middle. An inscription taken from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's "To a Child," appears in the center of the page. Following the inscription is an image of a globe wrapped in a string of parchment revealing the latin inscription "genium justiti," the names Cooper, Irving, and Bryant, and Putnam's initials. Two following lines state the volume and edition number. George P. Putnam's address is listed as "New York 10 Park Place."

Subjects: Title Page


Identifier: 16UVA_18_001D

Full Cover of Volume 1 of the 1852 Sampson Low Reprint


This is the full cover of volume 1 of the 1852 Sampson Low Reprint. It is bright blue with embossed borders and floral and curlicue designs on the corners of the front and back. The title is written on the spine in gilded gold letters, along with the volume and publishing information. Vines and flowers wrap around the letters, and World is written in blue inside a gold globe.

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Identifier: 56CIA_1

Full Cover of the 1853 George Routledge & Co. Reprint


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Identifier: 47CIA_1

Full Cover of the 1892 J.B. Lippincott Co. "New Edition" Reprint


Subjects: Full Cover, Ellen

Identifier: 9CIA_1