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Four-Color Plate Frontispiece to the [1885] Ward, Lock & Co. "Home Treasure Library, Complete Edition" Reprint, Depicting Ellen Arriving in Thirlwall


This full color frontispiece, appearing in the [1885] Ward, Lock & Co. "Home Treasure Library, Complete Edition" reprint, depicts Ellen arriving at Thirlwall. In the illustration, Ellen is standing on the steps before the door to the Thirlwall shop, and her luggage rests behind her on the top steps. She is wearing a blue dress and blue shawl, red and white stripped stockings, and a tan hat with white feathers on top. She is clutching her purse in one hand and her other hand is extending towards her face in a worried fashion. She is looking off to the right. An inscription below the illustration reads, "What was to be done next."

Subjects: Arriving in Thirlwall, Ellen

Identifier: 40UVA_14

Frontispiece to the [1874] William Nicholson & Sons, S.D. Ewins & Co. Reprint, Depicting Ellen Arriving at Alice's While She is Making Cakes


This is a color illustration from the 1874 Nicholson & Sons, S.D. Ewins Reprint. This image depicts a scene from page 72, of Alice, Ellen and Margery, together in the kitchen. Alice is making cakes when Ellen arrives, while Margery sits over by the fire, behind the table. Alice holds a lantern over her head, looking down at Ellen, holding a plate of cakes. Ellen is dressed in her outer wear of the time period.

Subjects: Cake Making, Ellen, Alice, Margery

Identifier: 53CIA_14