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Illustration on Page 438 of the 1892 J.B. Lippincott Co. "New Edition" Reprint, Depicting Ellen Mourning at Alice's Deathbed


This black and white illustration appearing on page 438, of the 1892 J.B. Lippincott "New Edition", depicts Alice's death bed, with Ellen weeping next to her. Alice's face is pale and serene, her eyes are open, and her right hand is lifted up as if to comfort Ellen. Ellen holds her left hand, while she covers her grief-stricken, shadowed face with her right hand.

Subjects: Alice’s Deathbed, Ellen, Alice

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Identifier: 9CIA_33_438

Front Cover of the [1907] Hurst & Co. "Knickerbocker Classics" Reprint


Subjects: Front Cover


Identifier: 4UVA_2

Full Cover of the [1853] Clarke, Beeton, & Co. Reprint, Version 1


This is the full cover of the [1853] Clarke, Beeton, & Co. reprint, version 1. The cover is faded and some of the title is illegible. At the top of the cover reads the price of the book while below the title is given amidst a framework of greenery which houses an illustration of Ellen, Ellen's Mother, and Ellen's father. Beneath the illustration is the publication city and publisher. The back cover is no longer attached to the book.

Subjects: Full Cover, Ellen, Mamma, Papa

Identifier: 2DES_1

Full Cover of the [1902] H. M. Caldwell Co. Reprint


Subjects: Full Cover


Identifier: 81CIA_1

Front Cover of the [1896] James Nisbet & Co. Reprint, Depicting Ellen Riding Sharp


Subjects: Front Cover, Riding Sharp, Ellen, Alice

Identifier: 7UVA_2