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Fan Letters

This gallery showcases a selection of digitized fan letters housed at the Constitution Island Association and at the Library of the West Point Military Academy. These letters provide a sampling of Warner's readers from both Britain and the United States over a forty-year period. The gallery is accompanied by Dr. Jennifer Brady's article that contextualizes Warner's readers within a culture of nineteenth-century fandom.

Nineteenth-Century Reviews


Crititcal Reception of The Wide, Wide World

This exhibit contains a data set categorizing a collection of 103 American reviews from 1850-1859 and includes searchable transcriptions of eight selected reviews.

Prize Plates

This gallery showcases the prize plates found in several editions of Susan Warner's The Wide, Wide World

The Wide, Wide World in Transatlantic Culture

As a prolific transatlantic bestseller, The Wide, Wide World presents a rare opportunity to explore not only how transatlantic culture was shaped and transmitted via reprinting, but also how that process shifted thoughout the second half of the nineteenth century. These galleries select from the novels' illustrations and cover designs to consider depictions of landscape, common transatlantic iconography, the reprints' relationship to the tourism industry, and nationalist identity as exemplified by depictions of the novel's characters.