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  • Collection: [1923] T. Nelson & Sons, Ltd. Reprint

Full-Color Plate on Page 192 of the [1923] T. Nelson & Sons, Ltd., Reprint Depicting Alice Comforting Ellen After the Loss of Her Letter


This color plate is from the [1923] Nelson&Sons, Ltd. Reprint, depicts Alice comforting Ellen after the loss of her letter. Alice sits in a chair, dressed in a dark dress, holding Ellen's face close to her's. Ellen is dressed in a green dress, her face somber. Both are at eye level. An inscription below the illustration says, "'My poor child!' Was Alice's first expression." The scene depicted in this illustration appears on page 217 of the novel.

Subjects: Alice Comforting Ellen After the Loss of Her Letter, Ellen, Alice

Identifier: 4NLS_33_192

Full-Color Plate on Page 288 of the [1923] T. Nelson & Sons, Ltd., Reprint Depicting Ellen and Ellen Chauncey on Christmas Morning


This full color plate from the 1923 Nelson&sons, Ltd. Reprint, depicts a scene on page 288, where Ellen and Ellen Chauncey have come down on Christmas morning, examining their stockings that hang upon the high back of an armchair. Both girls are dressed in their nightgowns and caps, with the hair peeking through, their faces smiling.

Subjects: Christmas Morning, Ellen, Ellen Chauncey

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Identifier: 4NLS_33_288

Full-Color Plate on Page 384 of the [1923] T. Nelson & Sons, Ltd., Reprint Depicting the Horse Whipping Scene


A color illustration from the Thomas Nelson & Sons, Ltd. Reprint from 1923, page 384. Ellen sits upon her horse, as Mr. Saunders lays in the grass, John, standing next to his horse, looking down at the man.

Subjects: The Horse Whipping, Ellen, John, Mr. Saunders, The Brownie

Identifier: 4NLS_33_384

Title Page and Frontispiece of the [1923] T. Nelson & Sons, Ltd., Reprint Depicting Ellen and Timmins at the Inn

4NLS_Nelson_[1923]_Frontispiece-Title Page_web.jpg

This color frontispiece is from the 1923 Nelson & Sons, Ltd. Reprint. This image also shares space with the title page. The image depicts a scene from page 80, at the Inn where Timmins the maid finds Ellen asleep on the ground, in her room after her travels.
In the title page of Thomas Nelson & Sons, Ltd.'s 1923 edition of the novel, the text is enclosed within a ruled border. The author's pseudonym Elizabeth Wetherell is printed in the page's top quarter above two decorative rules. The title is printed below without a period. A red stamp indicates the novel was inducted into the Advocates Library in Edinburgh on August 14th, 1923. Thomas Nelson & Sons, Ltd.'s address is listed as, "London, Edinburgh, and New York."

Subjects: The Inn, Ellen, Timmins, Title Page

Identifier: 4NLS_18

Full Cover of the [1923] T. Nelson & Sons, Ltd., Reprint


Subjects: Full Cover

Identifier: 4NLS_1