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Illustration on Page 375 of the 1903 J. B. Lippincott "New Edition" Reprint Depicting Ellen Meeting the Brownie


This black and white illustration, appearing on page 375 of the 1903 J. B. Lippincott "New Edition" reprint, depicts Ellen meeting The Brownie. Ellen stands next to Ellen Chauncey as Sophia Marshman watches Ellen from a distance. Thomas leads The Brownie to the front of the porch where Ellen can see him. Captain Parry, Alice's cat, stands near Ellen's feet. Several trees and bushes stand behind The Brownie, and an open field extends into the distance. The busyness in the foreground of the illustration, accentuated by the multiple characters appearing in the scene, is relieved by the landscape in the background as the scene opens up into nature.

Subjects: Meeting the Brownie, Ellen, Thomas, The Brownie, Sophia Marshman, Ellen Chauncey, Captain Parry

Identifier: 14CIA_33_375