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Illustration on Page 254a of the [1910] R.F. Fenno & Co. Reprint Depicting Ellen Reading to Grandma


This black and white illustration on page 254a of the 1910 R.F. Fenno & Co. reprint, depicts Ellen reading to grandma. In the illustration, Grandma sits in a rocking chair in front of the fireplace as Ellen sits on the floor in front of her reading. A caption below the illustration reads, "Ellen brought her Bible and read chapter after chapter." This scene is from page 255 of the novel.

Subjects: Reading, Ellen, Grandma

Identifier: 5CIA_33_254a

Frontispiece to the [1874] William Nicholson & Sons, S.D. Ewins & Co. Reprint Depicting Ellen Arriving at Alice's While She is Making Cakes


This is the frontispiece to the [1874] William Nicholson & Sons, S.D. Ewins & Co. Reprint, depicting Ellen arriving at Alice's while she is making cakes. This colorful image depicts a scene from page 72, of Alice, Ellen and Margery, together in the kitchen. Alice is making cakes when Ellen arrives, while Margery sits over by the fire, behind the table. Alice holds a lantern over her head, looking down at Ellen, holding a plate of cakes. Ellen is dressed in her outer wear of the time period.

Subjects: Cake Making, Ellen, Alice, Margery

Identifier: 53CIA_14

Frontispiece to the [1950] University of London Press, Ltd. Abridged Reprint Depicting Ellen Arriving at Aunt Fortune's Farm

6DES_University of London Press_[1950]_Frontispiece_web.jpg

This black and white frontispiece to the [1950] University of London Press, Ltd. Abridged reprint, depicts Ellen arriving at Aunt Fortune's farm. In the illustration, Ellen's silhouette is standing at the door wearing a bonnet and dress. The fire in the chimney is the only light in the room, illuminating Aunt Fortune's frowning face as she faces Ellen at the door. Aunt Fortune is carrying a lamp in one and and a plate of flood in the other. The grandmother's silhouette is seen sitting in a chair in front of the fire.An inscription below the frontispiece reads, "Who are you? And what's wanting?" which quotes page 58 of the novel.

Subjects: Arriving at Aunt Fortune's, Ellen, Aunt Fortune, Grandma, Housework

Identifier: 6DES_14