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Illustration on Page 304a of Volume 2 of the 1888 J.B. Lippincott Co. Reprint Depicting Mr. Lindsay Observing Ellen


This illustration, appearing on page 304 of the 1888 J.B. Lippincott & Co. edition, depicts Mr. Lindsay observing Ellen. A shadowed Mr. Lindsay stands in the doorway to a darkened room, where Ellen is sitting on the floor of the room, resting against the seat of a chair and looking out a window. She wears a pale dress, her fingers are laced on the seat cushion, and her glowing, yet melancholic face is turned towards the incoming light. Beneath the illustration, in a cursive script, is the name of the artist, Frederick Dielman, and the line "Mr. Lindsey stood still at the door," from page 304 of the text. At the very bottom of the page, in the same script, is the title of the book along with the volume and page number. This illustration first appeared on page 544b of the 1892 J. B. Lippincott Co. "New Edition" Reprint (see 9CIA).

Subjects: Mr. Lindsay Observing Ellen, Ellen, Mr. Lindsay

Identifier: 6CIA_33_304d

Illustration on Page 158a of the [1896] S. W. Partridge & Co. Reprint Depicting the Snow Storm


This illustration, appearing on page 158a of the [1896] S. W. Partridge & Co. reprint, depicts Alice and Ellen caught in a snow storm while returning home from Mrs. Vawse's. Alice stands clutching her shawl close to her neck and looking toward a light that has appeared behind a row of pointed branches as Ellen stands next to her pointing toward the light. A caption below the illustration quotes a sentence from page 158 of the text and reads, "Alice waited no longer, but screamed out, 'Who's there?'" This sentence illustrates the emotion felt by both characters in the scene as their fear and uncertainty in the midst of a raging snow storm is heightened by the appearance of a strange light in the distance. An illustration of the snow storm first appeared in the 1853 G. P. Putnam edition (see 11CIA).

Subjects: The Snow Storm, Ellen, Alice

Identifier: 17CIA_33_158a