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Full Cover of the 1892 J.B. Lippincott Co. "New Edition" Reprint


This 1892 J.B. Lippincott Co. “New Edition” Reprint is covered with a cream-yellow rib grain (labeled Rib5 by Library Company Conservation Dept.). The front cover has a continuous ruled border around the cover’s image and book title. On the front, the cover title The Wide Wide World is centered towards the top and filled with a burgundy-brown. Below is an illustration surrounded by a similar decorative border in a burgundy-brown with a pointillé pattern. This illustration depicts Ellen standing in front of a wooden stick-style fence, with patches of grass, and holding a picnic basket. She is wearing a bonnet and a dress. On the spine, The Wide Wide World is written in burgundy-brown text above a rule, and below is an image resembling the same design on the cover. J.B. Lippincott Company is written at the bottom of the spine and below the same ruled border on the cover. The bottom of the spine is frayed.

Subjects: Full Cover, Ellen

Identifier: 9CIA_1