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Illustration on Page 10a of Volume 1 of the 1888 J.B. Lippincott Co. Reprint Depicting Mamma and Ellen in the Parlour


This illustration, appearing on page 10d of the 1888 J.B. Lippincott Co. reprint, depicts Ellen kneeling in front of her mother, who is seated on a couch in the parlour. She is positioned so that we can see the profile of her face, and her expression appears sorrowful, as does her mother's. Beneath the illustration, in a cursive script, is the name of the artist, Frederick Dielman, and the line "What is the matter, dear mother?" from page 11 of the text. At the very bottom of the page, in the same script, is the title of the book along with the volume and page number.

Subjects: The Parlour, Ellen, Mamma

Identifier: 6CIA_33_10d