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  • Collection: 1893 T. Nelson & Sons Reprint

Front Cover of the 1893 T. Nelson & Sons Reprint


Subjects: Front Cover


Identifier: 50CIA_2

Title Page to the 1893 T. Nelson & Sons Reprint


In the title page for T. Nelson & Sons' 1893 edition of the novel, the title is printed in the top quarter of the page without a period. The author's pseudonym Elizabeth Wetherell is printed in the page's middle. An inscription taken from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, "To a Child," appears between two decorative rules. T. Nelson & Sons' address is listed as "London, Edinburgh, and New York."

Subjects: Title Page

Identifier: 50CIA_18

Title Page Vignette to the 1893 T. Nelson & Sons Reprint Depicting Ellen at the Spout


This black and white title page vignette, appearing in the 1893 T. Nelson & Sons Reprint, depicts Ellen leaning over the spout, with her hands within the water. The spout is surrounded by greenery and an open field with a fence behind Ellen. Ellen's face is soft and dimpled, her curled hair is rather windblown, and she wears a simple white gown.

Subjects: The Spout, Ellen

Identifier: 50CIA_16