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Illustration on Page 220a of the [1896] S.W. Partridge & Co. Reprint Depicting Ellen, Alice, and John Arriving at the Marshmans’


This black and white illustration, appearing on page 220a of the [1896] S.W. Partridge & Co. reprint, depicts Alice, Ellen, and John arriving at the Marshman's. Alice, wrapped in a heavy shawl, is being greeted by Miss Sophia in a formal room while Ellen and John stand behind her, watching the encounter. Through the open door that Alice, Ellen, and John entered through, the back of a sleigh is visible as it sits surrounded by snow. The warmth of the encounter is contrasted with the winter weather outside the home. Below the illustration a caption quotes a sentence from page 223 and reads, "She kissed Alice a great many times, seeming very glad to see her."

Subjects: Arriving at the Marshmans’, Ellen, Alice, Sophia Marshman, John

Identifier: 17CIA_33_220a

Illustration on Page 464b of the [1896] Walter Scott, Ltd. "Complete Edition" Reprint Depicting Ellen Reuniting with John in Scotland


This black and white illustration on page 464b of the [1896] Walter Scott, Ltd. "Complete Edition" reprint, depicts Ellen reuniting with John in Scotland. In the illustration, Ellen and John are embracing in the foyer of a house while house guests are in the other room. A caption below the illustration reads, "Oh, John! My dear John! My dear brother!"

Subjects: Reuniting with John in Scotland, Ellen, John

Identifier: 10CIA_33_464b