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Illustration on Page 76a of the [1879] Milner & Sowerby Reprint Depicting Alice Comforting Ellen After the Loss of Her Letter


This black and white illustration, appearing on page 76c of the [1879] Milner & Sowerby reprint, depicts Alice finding Ellen on the Cat's Back. A caption below the illustration describes the scene from page 76 and reads, "Alice Discovering Ellen Lying at the Mountain's-Foot." In the illustration, Ellen lies across the ground, her head resting on her arm and her eyes looking dejectedly at the grass beneath her as her hat sits close by. Alice stands behind Ellen looking down at her, her hands folded gently in front of her, wearing a long white dress and a black jacket. Her mouth is open as if she is speaking or preparing to speak. The side of the mountain, covered in ferns, rises up along the left side of the illustration as the rays of the sun break through the clouds in the background.

Subjects: The Cat’s Back, Ellen, Alice

Identifier: 29CIA_33_76c