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Illustration on Page 100a of the [1910] R.F. Fenno & Co. Reprint Depicting Ellen in the Ox Cart


This black and white illustration, appearing on page 100a of the [1910] R. F. Fenno & Company reprint, depicts Ellen riding in the ox cart. A caption below the illustration quotes a sentence from page 100 and reads, "Slowly, very slowly, the oxen drew the cart." In the illustration, Ellen and Mr. Van Brunt sit in the ox cart, the path extending in front of and behind them as they prepare to turn a curve. A hill to their left is topped by a house and is spotted with trees while several other houses sit among the rolling hills ahead of them. Two birds circle over the houses.

Subjects: The Ox Cart, Ellen, Mr. Van Brunt

Identifier: 5CIA_33_100a