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Illustration on Page 246b of the [1906] Charles H. Kelly Reprint, Version 2 Depicting Children Playing at the Marshmans


Subjects: Playing at the Marshman’s, Ellen, Ellen Chauncey, Margaret Dunscombe

Identifier: 22CIA_33_246b

Illustration on Page 196b of the [1907] Collins' Clear-Type Press Reprint Depicting Mr. Van Brunt Catching Nancy at Ellen's Sickbed


This full-color illustration, found on page 196b of the [1907] Collins' Clear-Type Press reprint, depicts Mr. Van Brunt catching Nancy at Ellen's sickbed. In the illustration, Mr. Van Brunt has caught Nancy by the wrists in front of Ellen's bed. A chair is knocked over behind Nancy and Ellen watches the two while laying in her sickbed. A caption below the illustration reads, "She was caught at last."

Subjects: Ellen, Nancy, Mr. Van Brunt

Identifier: 15CIA_33_196b

Illustration on Page 122b of the [1879] Milner & Sowerby Reprint Depicting Ellen’s Sickbed


This black and white illustration from the 1879 Milner & Sowerby Reprint, page 122b depicts Nancy taunting Ellen at her sick bed. The scene is from page 123 where Nancy is on the floor, rummaging through Ellen's trunk, trying on her things, Ellen's clothing scattered across the floor. The bottom of the image is the title "Nancy Vawse Searching Ellen's Trunk". The page number for the scene is at the bottom right corner of the illustration.

Subjects: Ellen’s Sickbed, Ellen, Nancy

Identifier: 29CIA_33_122b