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Illustration on Page 90b of the [1907] Collins' Clear-Type Press Reprint Depicting Ellen Arriving at Aunt Fortune's


This full color plate is from the 1907 Collins' Clear-Type Press Reprint. It depicts a scene from page 90 of Ellen arriving at Aunt Fortune's. Ellen is sitting at the table still in her blue traveling clothes. Aunt Fortune, in a brown dress and white apron, is looking over at Mr. Van Brunt standing in the doorway. Mr. Van Brunt is still dressed in his traveling clothes as well, a long brown coat and his coonskin hat. The line beneath is a quote from Aunt Fortune; "Where did you find her?" At the far left of the quote are three w's.

Subjects: Arriving at Aunt Fortune's, Mr. Van Brunt, Ellen, Aunt Fortune

Identifier: 15CIA_33_90b