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Illustration on Page 230C of the 1853 H. G. Bohn Reprint, Version 1 Depicting the Letter Carrier Arriving at the Apple Bee


This is the illustration on page 230C of the 1853 H.G. Bohn Reprint, Version 1 depicting the letter carrier arriving at the apple bee. The letter carrier stands in front of Aunt Fortune's opened door reaching in his bag for the letter. He is glancing down at Ellen who is standing in front of him in a white dress. Father Swaim stands to the right of the letter carrier leaning on his cane and holding a small horn in his left hand. Nancy is standing beside him, touching his arm. Aunt Fortune is standing behind Nancy holding a tea cup and saucer and frowning at the the letter carrier. An inscription below the illustration reads, "The Old Letter Carrier."

Subjects: The Letter Carrier Arriving, The Apple Bee, Ellen, Nancy, Mr. Van Brunt, Aunt Fortune, Father Swaim, Alice

Identifier: 25CIA_33_230c