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Illustration on Page 406a of the [1910] S.W. Partridge & Co., Ltd. Reprint Depicting Ellen Comforted by Uncle Lindsay


This illustration, appearing on page 406a of the [1910] S.W. Partridge & Co., Ltd. edition, depicts Ellen being comforted by her Uncle Lindsay as her aunt, Lady Keith, and her grandmother watch from across the table. A caption below the illustration quotes a sentence from page 407 of the text and reads, "'Come, come, what is the matter Ellen?'" The room where Ellen and her Uncle Lindsay are pictured is very proper with a table strewn with silver tableware, a fireplace, and a large painting hanging on the wall. While Ellen's Uncle Lindsay seems eager to pull Ellen close to him to comfort her, Ellen, although leaning in, also appears to be resisting as she looks almost as though she could be pulling away from him. This ambiguity highlights the developing relationship between the two as Ellen loves her Uncle Lindsay but finds it difficult to conform to the demands he places on her.

Subjects: Mr. Lindsay Comforting Ellen, Ellen, Mr. Lindsay, Grandmother Lindsay, Lady Keith

Identifier: 40CIA_33_406a

Full Cover of the [1926] Ward, Lock & Co., Ltd., Reprint


Subjects: Full Cover

Identifier: 20CIA_1

Illustration on Page 456B of the 1853 H. G. Bohn Reprint, Version 1 Depicting Ellen Greeting Grandmother Lindsay with an Embrace


This is the illustration on page 456B of the 1853 H.G. Bohn Reprint, Version 1 depicting Ellen greeting her Grandmother Lindsay with an embrace. The two stand in the center of the room, a vanity and a chair in both corners. A portrait of a man hangs to the right of the illustration. Ellen is dressed in a light dress and is wearing a bonnet. Grandmother Lindsay is wearing a dark dress and a white cap. It is entitled, Ellen and Grandmama Lindsay.

Subjects: Greeting Grandmother Lindsay, Ellen, Grandmother Lindsay

Identifier: 25CIA_33_456b

Illustration on Page 186d of Volume 2 of the 1853 G.P. Putnam & Co. "Illustrated Edition" Reprint, Depicting Ellen Grieving at Alice's Deathbed


This black and white illustration appearing on Page 186d of Volume Two of the 1853 G.P. Putnam & Co. Illustrated Edition Reprint, depicts Ellen grieving at Alice's deathbed. In the illustration, Alice is lying on her deathbed in white with flowers behind her shoulders and on her stomach. Ellen, dressed in black is kneeling at her bedside, one hand on her forehead in grief and flowers lay beside her on the floor. Margery is seen in the background, cast in shadow with her hands over her face. The scene depicted in this illustration appears on page 186 of the novel.

Subjects: Alice’s Deathbed, Ellen, Alice, Margery

Identifier: 11CIA_33_186d