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Illustration on Page 456a of the [1907] Grosset & Dunlap Reprint Depicting Ellen Singing Hymns to Ease the Grieving of John and Mr. Humphreys


This black and white illustration, found on page 456a of the [1907] Grosset & Dunlap reprint, depicts Ellen singing hymns to ease the grieving John and Mr. Humphreys. In the illustration, Ellen is sitting up straight and singing to the grieving John who is leaning against the mantel of the fireplace with a hand covering his face and Mr. Humphreys who is sitting with his eyes closed and listenting contently to Ellen's singing. Mr. Humphrey's and John are cast in shadow while Ellen is less harshly shaded at the forefront of the illustration.This illustration is shaded darker than the rest that appear in this edition. A caption below the illustration reads, "She sang clearly and sweetly as ever now." The scene depicted in this illustration is on page 456.

Subjects: Singing Hymns, Ellen, Mr. Humphreys, John

Identifier: 16CIA_33_456a