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Frontispiece to the [1928] Epworth Press Reprint Depicting Ellen Arriving in Thirlwall


This is a full colored frontispiece of the 1928 Epworth Press Reprint. It depicts Ellen arriving in Thirlwall. She stands, her face and posture painted as unsure and afraid. She is wearing a white coat and bonnet, with a red ribbon, and a gray dress underneath. Her trunk is black and sits beside her, on the corner in front of an inn. To the left of the image are five painted out buildings, of similar colors of reds, pinks, browns and beiges. The sky in the background shows that the sun is going down, as the sky goes from blue to yellow to an orange-pink. At the bottom of the frontispice, typed in blue lettering, is a quote from the book, about the scene. "Then the feeling of strangeness and loneliness came over her, and her heart sank." A page number is not provided. Beneath this quote is the word (Frontispiece) in parenthesis. To the far right of the bottom of the page, are the letters W.W.

Subjects: Arriving in Thirlwall, Ellen

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