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Illustration on Page 53 of the 1896 Hodder and Stoughton Reprint Depicting Ellen Receiving the Birds


Subjects: Receiving the Birds, Ellen, Old Gentleman’s Servant

Identifier: 3UVA_33_53

Frontispiece to the [1878] Milner & Co. Reprint, Version 1 Depicting Ellen and Mr. Lindsay at Holyrood House


This black and white frontispiece is from the 1878 Milner & Co. Reprint. It depicts Ellen and Mr. Lindsay at Holyrood House. The ruins of the house are decayed and crumbling behind the two characters. Ellen and Lindsay are dressed in dark traveling clothes. Ellen is wearing a straw hat with a large plum on it. Mr. Lindsay is wearing a top hat and dark jacket and is carrying an umbrella.

Subjects: Holyrood House, Ellen, Mr. Lindsay

Identifier: 26CIA_14