First Page of Front Advertisements in Volume 2 of the 1852 George P. Putnam 16th Edition, Version 2


Geo. P. P...[illegible]
Park Place.

Bv the author of The Wide, Wide World. The twelfth thousand. 2 vol.

12mo., cloth, $1 75.

“Queechy is indeed a work of uncommon interest and ability "—Boston Traveller.

" A carelul examination of 'Quecehy' will, we think, convince her admirers, that in her former work the author was but pluming her wings for a bolder flight. The simple beauty, the deep interest, enlivened by true humor—the unobtrusive but earnest spirit of piety and truth that pervade Queechy—command it to all.”—Literary World.

It is essentially a domestic story with a high moral aim: and shows capital powers of observation, narrative, skill...[illegible] of dialogue. It is just the book for an intelligent and exemplar-[illegible]... circle. The sympathies of old and young will be elicited,

and amusement be found...[illegible]...blended with instruction.”—Home Journal.

" Her descriptions...[illegible].... fragrant of the scenes from which they drew their inspirations. The volume...[illegible]...numerous gems of picturesque description. The work certainly exhibits a high order of talent; imagination, enthusiasm and creative power are all here."—Tribute

'Queeehy will prove as fascinating as its predecessor. The author's peculiarities are traceable throughout the work. We like them. There is ah odd mingling of different...[illegible]...reader has some anxiety lest the author fail in the end.

These masterly strokes...[illegible]...never disappoint. Their purpose is always most

cleverly fulfilled...[illegible] as a tale, it has a moral value that will en-dear it...[illegible] and old. IIts influence will be most healthful and lasting...[illegible] it in the hands of his child.”— Worcester Palladium.

The story... [illegible]...and kindliness of feeling, a quiet good sense, and an excellent purpose...[illegible]...-chiefly with domestic feelings and rural scenes; iis dia-logues are practical and ...[illegible]...graceful. The book is thoroughly imbued with the

genial atmosphere of...[illegible] the product of a true womanly nature."—Courier

The charm of...[illegible]...her vivid, graphic delineations of character and of nature. Minute touches show...[illegible]... of a skilful discriminator, and she paints a scene so that you can no more forget than you can one which has been stamped upon your heart by personal experience. [illegible]

...merit of the author, is that she breathes through her writings, the true spirit of...[illegible]-Courier Gazette

The present work is evermore worthy of success than the last; and by its brilliant

description, high-wrough...[illegible]... of character, cannot fail to command a loi’ty petition in American romance."—Albany Express

" It has merits that are even superior to the almost faultless excellence of the Wide, Wide World.

It is written in a moro sparkling, polished and vigorous style, and in many respects we like the characters and general tone of the work belter. The descriptive powers of the author are very great, and in many of the almost matchless scenes so vividly and natu* rally portrayed in ‘Quecehy,’ they are brought into full play. We heartily recommend tho woik to the perusal of all our readers- Albany State Registar

[The remainder of the document is illegible].



George P. Putnam, “First Page of Front Advertisements in Volume 2 of the 1852 George P. Putnam 16th Edition, Version 2,” Wide, Wide World Digital Edition, accessed May 13, 2021,


This is the first page of front advertisements in volume 1 of the 1852 George P. Putnam 16th Edition, version 2. This is the first page of advertisements which is also the Verso of the Front cover. This page of advertisements only features the novel Queechy by Elizabeth Wetherell. The top of the page is titled "THE FAVORITE BOOKS OF THE SEASON:" Underneath that title is slightly illegible due to damage, however, it is discernable that Putnam's name appears in the later part of the title and that the begining of the extended advertisement is marked with the Roman Numeral I.






Wetherell, Elizabeth [Susan Warner]. The Wide, Wide World. Reprint, 2 vols. 16th ed. New York: George P. Putnam, 1852.


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