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Illustration on Page 406a of the [1896] S.W. Partridge & Co. Reprint Depicting Mr. Lindsay Comforting Ellen


Subjects: Mr. Lindsay Comforting Ellen, Ellen, Mr. Lindsay, Grandmother Lindsay, Lady Keith

Identifier: 17CIA_33_406a

Illustration on Page 456B of the 1853 H. G. Bohn Reprint, Version 1 Depicting Ellen Greeting Grandmother Lindsay with an Embrace


This is the illustration on page 456B of the 1853 H.G. Bohn Reprint, Version 1 depicting Ellen greeting her Grandmother Lindsay with an embrace. The two stand in the center of the room, a vanity and a chair in both corners. A portrait of a man hangs to the right of the illustration. Ellen is dressed in a light dress and is wearing a bonnet. Grandmother Lindsay is wearing a dark dress and a white cap. It is entitled, Ellen and Grandmama Lindsay.

Subjects: Greeting Grandmother Lindsay, Ellen, Grandmother Lindsay

Identifier: 25CIA_33_456b

Illustration on Page 560 of the 1892 J.B. Lippincott Co. "New Edition" Reprint Depicting Ellen Reuniting with John in Scotland


This black and white illustration appearing on page 560 of the 1892 J.B. Lippincott Co. "New Edition" reprint, depicts Ellen reuniting with John in Scotland. In the illustration, Ellen and John are sitting on a sofa. Ellen's white dress is a stark contrast to John's dark suit. Ellen is resting her head on John's shoulder and John resting one of his hands on hers and his arm is around her shoulders.

Subjects: Reuniting with John in Scotland, Ellen, John

Identifier: 9CIA_33_560