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Title Page Vignette to Volume 2 of the [1902] Home Book Co. Reprint, Version 2 Depicting a Woman Gathering Flowers


This dark green and white vignette is from the second volume of the 1902 Home Book Co. Reprint. This depicts a woman gathering flower, dressed in a white Roman-esque stola, carrying a bouqet of wildflowers in one hand, and picking more flowers with her other. Hair is pulled bakc, but is worn down. Behind her is a darker background of trees and wild grass. She is framed by a Roman styled border, laurel leaves and filigre surrounding the bottom, and festooned banner surrounding the books title, author and edition information in red script above her head. The publisher information below her in black script, surrounded by filigree.

Subjects: Woman Gathering Flowers


Identifier: 69CIA_16

Title Page Vignette to Volume 2 of the [1902] Home Book Co. Reprint, Version 1 Depicting a Woman Holding a Title Banner


This black and white vignette is from the 1902 Home Book Co. Reprint. This depicts a woman holding a scroll banner, with the books title, edition information and author name, typed in red. She is dress in a long dress, her hair is pulled up and surrounded by flowers in the background. Beneath her feet is a second banner, with the publisher's information, also typed in red. The border is gray, with white dots lined along the center of the border. The border with within the second banner is a continuous, gray scallop shape.

Subjects: Woman with Title Banner

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Identifier: 63CIA_16

Title Page Vignette to the 1852 T. Nelson & Sons Reprint Depicting Ellen Riding the Brownie


This black and white title vignette is from the 1852 Nelson&sons Reprint. It depicts Ellen ridding the Brownie through a country road, surrounded by trees and rocks, looking behind her as she rides.

Subjects: Ellen, The Brownie

Identifier: 64CIA_16_001J

Spine of the [1915] M. A. Donohue & Co. Reprint


Subjects: Spine

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Identifier: 42UVA_4

Illustration on Page 483 of the 1892 J. B. Lippincott Co. "New Edition" Reprint Depicting Ellen Tending the Garden


This black and white illustration appearing on page 483, of the 1892 J. B. Lippincott Company "New Edition" Reprint, depicts Ellen tending a garden in Scotland. In the illustration, Ellen stands leaning against a rake, her hand resting on a blooming branch. She looks away distractedly, and is wearing a gingham gown, a dark jacket, and plain straw brim hat. A tall fence stands behind her, blocking any view of the landscape beyond the tended garden. Several gardening pots and a watering can lie on the ground near Ellen's feet.

Subjects: Ellen, Tending the Garden

Identifier: 9CIA_33_483