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Full Cover of the [1926] Ward, Lock & Co., Ltd., Reprint


Subjects: Full Cover

Identifier: 20CIA_1

Full Cover of the 1852 T. Nelson & Sons Reprint, Version 2


This 1852 T. Nelson & Sons reprint is covered with a blue wave grain cloth (labeled Wav7 by the Library Company of Philadelphia). The front and back covers have ornate, stamped borders. The front cover has a gilt-stamped image of a boy in Huck Finn-style clothing, prototypically American, fishing, with a house in the background. The title and author's name are gilt-stamped in Birch font. The spine The title and author's name are repeated on the spine, and it has a gilt-stamped image of Alice and Ellen carrying supplies up the mountain. An arabesque border appears at the top and bottom of the spine.

Subjects: Full Cover

Identifier: 48CIA_1