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Frontispiece to Volume 1 of the [1902] Home Book Co. Reprint, Version 1 Depicting Passengers on a Steamboat

62CIA_Homebook_vol 1_001G_web.jpg

This is a frontispiece for the 1902 Home Book Co. Reprint. It is a black and white photograph, taken hortizontally, displayed vertically. It depicts passengers on the promenade deck of a steamboat. The bottom of the image titles it as "PROMENADE DECK".

Subjects: The Steamboat

Identifier: 62CIA_14

Frontispiece to the [1879] Milner & Sowerby Reprint Depicting Ellen Meeting George Marshman on the Steamboat


This black and white frontispiece is from the 1879 Milner & Sowerby Reprint. It depicts Ellen's "friend", George Marshman, and Ellen together on the deck of the steamboat. Ellen is sitting on a bench, her ankles crossed and her hands clasped in her lap. Ellen has her head turned toward the lake with a forlorn face. George Marshman is standing, looking down at her, as he flips through his hymn book, reading it to give her comfort.

Subjects: Meeting George Marshman on the Steamboat, Ellen, George Marshman, Reading

Identifier: 29CIA_14

Illustration on Page 82d of Volume 1 of the 1853 G.P. Putnam & Co. "Illustrated Edition" Reprint Depicting Ellen and George Marshman Aboard the Steamboat


This black and white illustration, appearing on page 82d of volume 1 of the 1853 G. P. Putnam & Company Illustrated Edition reprint, depicts Ellen and George Marshman on the steamboat as Ellen begins her journey to her Aunt Fortune's house. In the illustration, Ellen sits on a long bench with her hands in her lap, looking down sadly at the steamboat's deck. George Marshman stands nearby, looking down at her as he leans on a cane. Small waves rise in the water next to the steamboat and two men stand near the other end of the bench, appearing to have a conversation. Ellen's hat sits at her feet and a leather chair is placed behind the bench.

Subjects: The Steamboat, Ellen, George Marshman

Identifier: 11CIA_33_82d