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Illustration on Page 96a of the [1885] Ward, Lock & Co. "Home Treasure Library, Complete Edition" Reprint Depicting Ellen in the Ox Cart


This black and white illustration, appearing on page 96a of the [1878] Ward, Lock and Co. Home Treasure Library reprint, depicts Ellen riding in the ox cart as Mr. Van Brunt walks alongside the oxen. Mr. Van Brunt holds up a whip as Ellen sits in a chair in the ox cart looking around her. The landscape surrounding the ox cart is bleak as bare trees hang over the path, and the dark sky contrasts the white ground, suggesting cold weather. A caption below the illustration quotes a sentence from page 93 and reads, "'How good everybody is to me,'" conveying Ellen's gratitude for the help she receives when she arrives in Thirlwall.

Subjects: The Ox Cart, Ellen, Mr. Van Brunt

Identifier: 40UVA_33_96a