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Frontispiece to the 1892 J. B. Lippincott Co. "New Edition" Reprint Depicting Ellen Standing in a Garden


This illustration, appearing as the frontispiece to the 1892 J. B. Lippincott Company "New Edition" reprint, depicts Ellen standing in a garden. A caption below the illustration reads, "Bear a lily in thy hand: / Gates of brass cannot withstand / One touch of that mighty wand." This caption quotes a stanza from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem "Maidenhood," and emphasizes Ellen's innocence and purity. In the illustration, Ellen stands in a garden surrounded by flowers and trees. She holds a book in one hand and caresses a lily with the other. She wears a brimmed hat with a bow and gazes directly at the viewer of the illustration.

Subjects: Ellen

Identifier: 9CIA_14

Frontispiece to the 1896 Hodder and Stoughton Reprint Depicting Ellen Among the Lilies


This illustration, appearing as the frontispiece to the 1896 Hodder and Stoughton reprint, depicts Ellen in a flower garden. The caption is a stanza from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s 1842 poem “Maidenhood.” There is a reference to page 511, the first page of Chapter XLVIII, during which Ellen and her Uncle Lindsay tour Edinburgh. In addition to being quoted in this caption, Longfellow’s stanza appears as an epigraph to the chapter referenced and to the novel as a whole. The image portrays Ellen within a lily patch, positioned in a demure stance with her head bowed, and emphasizes Ellen’s purity while reinforcing her connection to the divine. The gate in the background refers to Longfellow’s verse and to Biblical “gates of brass,” broken down by an Old Testament God (King James Version, Ps. 107.16 and Isa. 45.2).

Subjects: Among Lilies, Ellen


Frontispiece to Volume 2 of the [1902] Home Book Co. Reprint, Version 1 Depicting a Cottage


This black and white photograph is a frontispiece from the 1902 Home Book Co. Reprint. It depicts a cottage, surrounded by folaige and flora, set against a back drop of hills. The title of the image is at the middle right of the page. It says "ELLENS HOME."

Subjects: Cottage

Identifier: 63CIA_14

Full Cover of the [1879] Milner & Sowerby Reprint


Subjects: Full Cover

Identifier: 29CIA_1