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Front Cover of the [1882] Ward, Lock, and Co. "Lily Series, Complete Edition" Reprint


Ward, Lock, and Co. used this red, cloth-covered binding for an [1882] edition of The Wide, Wide World. The title is placed in front of stamped white lilies. A stamped ribbon is wrapped around the base of the flowers denoting this book is part of "The Lily Series."  The cover also uses black ink stamping on top of the red cloth, forming a border and a background for the white lilies.

Subjects: Front Cover

Identifier: 39UVA_2

Front Cover of the [1892] Ward, Lock, and Co. "Pansy Series" Reprint

Ward Lock and Co 1892 UVa Front Cover.jpg

Ward, Lock, and Co. used this dark green, cloth-covered binding for their 1892 edition of The Wide, Wide World.  The light blue and yellow flowers with black outlined leaves surround the title on the cover.  Below the flowers "The Pansy Series" is stamped in black ink.

Subjects: Front Cover

Identifier: 22UVA_2

Front Cover of the [1915] M. A. Donohue & Co. Reprint


Subjects: Front Cover

Identifier: 42UVA_2

Front Cover of the 1893 T. Nelson & Sons Reprint


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Identifier: 50CIA_2

Frontispiece to the [1890] Frederick Warne & Co. Reprint Depicting Mr. Van Brunt Tending His Flock


This black and white illustration, appearing as the frontispiece to the [1890] Frederick Warne and Co. reprint, depicts Mr. Van Brunt tending his flock of sheep. A caption below the illustration quotes a sentence from page 435 and reads, "She went eagerly out of the door with Mr. Van Brunt to a new pleasure," and describes Ellen's excitement as she looks down at the sheep around her. Mr. Van Brunt stands near her, throwing feed to the sheep from a bowl tucked under his arm. A fence extends down the left side of the illustration toward a large mountain in the background, over which looms a billowy cloud. The field where Mr. Van Brunt and Ellen stand is mostly bare except for several trees that stand near the mountain.

Subjects: Mr. Van Brunt Tending His Flock, Ellen, Mr. Van Brunt

Identifier: 79CIA_14

Frontispiece to the 1888 J.B. Lippincott Co. Reprint Depicting Ellen Standing in a Flower Garden


This illustration, appearing as the frontispiece to the 1888 J. B. Lippincott Company reprint, depicts Ellen standing in a garden. A caption below the illustration reads, "Bear a lily in thy hand: / Gates of brass cannot withstand / One touch of that mighty wand." This caption quotes a stanza from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem "Maidenhood," and emphasizes Ellen's innocence and purity. In the illustration, Ellen stands in a garden surrounded by flowers and trees. She holds a book in one hand and caresses a lily with the other. She wears a brimmed hat with a bow and gazes directly at the viewer of the illustration. Below the illustration is also the name of the illustrator, Frederick Dielman, as well as the title of the novel and the volume and page number.

Subjects: Ellen

Identifier: 6CIA_14