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Full Cover of the [1900] W.B. Conkey Reprint

60CIA_Conkey_1900_ Full_ed_web.jpg

Subjects: Full Cover

Identifier: 60CIA_1

Front Cover of the 1893 T. Nelson & Sons Reprint


Subjects: Front Cover


Identifier: 50CIA_2

Frontispiece to the [1890] Frederick Warne & Co. Reprint Depicting Mr. Van Brunt Tending His Flock


This black and white illustration, appearing as the frontispiece to the [1890] Frederick Warne and Co. reprint, depicts Mr. Van Brunt tending his flock of sheep. A caption below the illustration quotes a sentence from page 435 and reads, "She went eagerly out of the door with Mr. Van Brunt to a new pleasure," and describes Ellen's excitement as she looks down at the sheep around her. Mr. Van Brunt stands near her, throwing feed to the sheep from a bowl tucked under his arm. A fence extends down the left side of the illustration toward a large mountain in the background, over which looms a billowy cloud. The field where Mr. Van Brunt and Ellen stand is mostly bare except for several trees that stand near the mountain.

Subjects: Mr. Van Brunt Tending His Flock, Ellen, Mr. Van Brunt

Identifier: 79CIA_14

Illustration on Page 178b of Volume 2 of the 1853 James Nisbet, Hamilton, Adams & Co. "New Edition" Reprint Depicting Ellen Reading to Mrs. Blockson


An illustration from volume two of the 1853 James Nisbet, Hamilton, Adams & co. "New Edition" Reprint, on page 178b. This image depicts Ellen, sitting on a stool at the feet of Mrs. Blockson, reading to her behin the stairs. The picture is light, with shading around the back staircase. Mrs. Blockson is crouch in her little chair, listening to Ellen read.

Subjects: Reading, Ellen, Mrs. Blockson

Identifier: 78CIA_33_178b

Illustration on Page 174b of Volume 2 of the 1853 James Nisbet, Hamilton, Adams & Co. "New Edition" Reprint Depicting Ellen Helping Anthony Fox


An illustration from volume two of the 1853 Nisbet, Hamilton, Adams & Co. "New Reprint", page 174b. A black and white image, with little shading, depicts Ellen and Anthony Fox exchange a note, while Margery looks on, carrying a large basin in the kitchen. Anthony Fox has taken off his hat, it seems in deference to Ellen.

Subjects: Helping Anthony Fox, Ellen, Anthony Fox, Margery

Identifier: 78CIA_33_174b