Fan Letters

Brine, Louie

Brine, Louie to Mrs. Wetherell, 35 Lafayette Place, NY, July 16, 1880

Louie [Louise] Brine to Mrs. Wetherell
35 Lafayette Place, NY
July 16, 1880

 Dear Mrs Wetherell

         I hope you will excuse the liberty I take in writing to you, but I realy feel like thanking you from my heart for writing “The Wide, Wide World.”  I received the book for a Christmas present and I have read it 6 times.  I can not tell you I how I love, yes love it.  I use it as I do the Bible for comfort.  I thought to-day, as I was reading in it, that I would like to write to you and tell you how much good that book does me.  “Ellen” & “Alice” are as real as any friends I have.  When I feael angry or out of temper I read in the book and find out how Ellen fought against temptations, and I am instantly put wright in tune again and feel good desires; when I want to hear some good advice I go to Alice and take the lessons she gives Ellen to myself.  It was that book and one called “Ada & Gerty” that first made me feel a desire to do right.  If the book has done as much good to other girls as it has to me the Authoress should feel very happy indeed.

            I ask you again to please excuse my writing to you.  I am 14 years old now and if I live to be 12 times 14 I never shall let Ellen & Alice go away from me.

            Whishing very much to see you I will close, not knowing whether or not this letter is right.

             Your sincere admirer

                        Louie Brine

P.S. Is the story founded on facts?