Fan Letters

Blake, Ella

Blake, Ella K. to Miss Susan and Miss Anna Warner, Viroqua, Wisconsin, February 9, 1879

Ella K. Blake to Miss Susan and Miss Anna Warner
Viroqua, Wisconsin
February 9, 1879

Excuse the liberty taken by an entire stranger of writing a line to you.  In these days of trashy novels yours are so refreshing that I cannot refrain from adding my small tribute of thanks to those given you by many others, for your fearless defense of the right.  About twenty fouyears ago I had a present of “The Wide, Wide World.  I was but a little girl & the character of Ellen Montgomery made so great an impression on me as to lead me, I humbly trust from darkness to light.  I always kept & valued the book, read & reread it many times, read it to pieces in fact & had it rebound.  And now a little girl of my own is read it to pieces for the second time.  I hope it may influence her as it did me.  I have read most of your books I think & always with pleasure & benefit.  We were burned out four or five years ago. & lost nearly everything we had. a few of our books were saved, among them my “Wide World”.  I think you have preached many sermons & done much good in the world.  I feel as if I knew you & you were my personal friend.  Will this fact excuse this note?

Believe me, Yours most sincerely, (Mrs.) Ella K. Blake.