Fan Letters

Campbell, Edward

Campbell, Edward L., to Susan Warner, Uniontown, PA,  July 1, 1855

Edward L. Campbell to Susan Warner
Uniontown, Fayette Co, PA
January 10, [1853 or 1855]

 Miss Wetherell

   I hope madam you will not think it impertinent in one entirely unacquainted with you, except by reputation, and through your beautiful works, to address you, even on so trivial a matter as the subject of my present note.  I have read two of the works which have emanated from your masterly pen. viz The Wide, Wide, World and Queechy and need [seriously??] say that I was very much pleased in the beautiful style, pure and passionate feeling, and intense interest, throughout the whole of the above works.  I presume you wished them to be perfectly clear to all minds, and hope you will not think my mental perceptions remarkably dull when I say that the “latter end” of “The Wide Wide World” was not exactly plain to me, perhaps you meant it to be so and intended the final “denouement” to take place in the imaginations of your readers. if however you will condescend to inform me whether you wished the [inference??] “finale” to be the union of Mr John and Miss Ellen you will confer a favor which I hope I may have it in my power to return with “interest from date” some day.  Probably you smile at the idea of a letter on a question of the reality life relations of the hero and heroine of a beautiful fiction, but please bear in mind that I am afflicted with curiosity, and as the awakened interest and peace of mind of several ladies of my acquaintance is concerned, I hope you will deign to answer.

Yours in great curiosity Edward, L., Campbell

Union Fayette Co